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Welcome to the New Era of...

Confidence, Liberation, and High-Level Wealth Creation Through Fun & Full Self-Expression 

Work with Kyera

Behind the scenes of how I made $54k in 5 days

In this free Masterclass, I pull back the curtain on how I make business & manifesting wealth effortless.

The Creation of wealth

happens through liberation - coming home to the naked truth of who you are.

ways for us to play & co-create together


Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship is open to men and women. Please fill out the application, and Kyera or a Team member will be in touch.  Private mentorship with Kyera is a 5-6 figure investment. At the end of your application, you will see current 1:1 options and be able to choose between a 3, 6, or 12-month option.   


The Rich B$tch Membership

An Exclusive Membership for you to bring your Rich B$tch Experience to life with Kyera in your corner! Integrate, apply, and evolve the Rich B$tch principles as you become the energetic match to wealth and create abundance in Rich B$tch ways.




The Rich B$tch Mastermind

MASTERY: The Rich B$tch Mastermind for the heart-driven entrepreneur creating a freedom-based business through FUN, confidence, alignment & highest truth - raising your energetic standards & stepping into fierce CEO leadership for the highest good of all. In MASTERY we create success in the frequency of infinite liberation and the Rich B$tch Principles. 

Kyera Kacey— The Naked Coach™️

Experience the confidence & liberation from living your naked truth.


Bring your highest truth & self-expression authentically, powerfully, and unapologetically into your life and business. 

This is about BEING naked - where who you are online and offline are one and the same. Allowing your intuitive channel to guide you. Having no borders that confine you and your soul's purpose, and infusing the highest frequency into all aspects of your life as the foundation of your success.

Liberating women around the world who desire high-level transformation is the work I've mastered and it's the work I love.

Your life and business are an extension of who you are being. That's either working for you, or it's not. 

When you reclaim your power, honor your purpose, and give yourself full permission to embody your highest truth while being a turned-on woman, wealth follows. 

In my world, we create financial freedom in bliss, without our hands tied behind our backs. 

What my clients have to say

We make money while having fun! 


In-person retreats

With Kyera T. Kacey, The Naked Coach

Ireland Retreat

An intimate, spiritual retreat immersed in the richness and magic of Southwest Ireland. Reconnect with the Goddess within.


Nothing holds more power than a woman set free. Join this powerful retreat in Tulum to experience more freedom, abundance, and sisterhood!

Free resource

Rich B$tch Money Goals Day 19 

Are you ready to become the energetic match to wealth?

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