MASTERY: The Rich B$tch Mastermind

MASTERY is a live group mentorship program for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

In Mastery, we create an overflow of abundance from our highest truth and energetic standards as the foundation of our success, using the Rich B$tch Principles (A Rich B$tch is a woman who Believes in herself, Invests in herself, Trusts herself, Consciously-Creates her life, and is Heart-centered). 

We create beyond borders, beyond the mind, beyond logic, in the frequency of infinite liberation, with our heart and intuition as our compass. This is not a program that focuses on rules or algorithms. This is about high-level creation, and mastery (in all areas of life, business, and self) is a requirement. 

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking to make urgent money. (Creating wealth is a byproduct of who we become, not a “ how to” strategy).
  • You require validation for your channel. (We will focus on refining, evolving, aligning, creating, trusting, and strengthening your channel.)
  • Requirements:

    • Must lead with the highest truth for the highest good of all.
    • Must have a big vision that goes beyond just making more money. 

    A 6-Month Portal in a High-Level Container.

    • Remote weekly energy clearings & activations to support your ascension.
    • Twice a month live group mentorship call.
    • Energetic standards/boundaries are elevated for the highest good of all.
    • Private Telegram group for High-Level support (experience the love and power from an elevated community to support you, celebrate you, and co-create alongside you.)
    • Fierce Leadership in Life & Business
    • Personal & Financial Power  
    • Strengthen your intuitive channel & divine gifts.

    You will also receive direct access to all programs released outside of  MASTERY during your 6-month portal. 

    xx Kyera Kacey, The Naked Coach  

More Client Celebrations

I'm so grateful for how responsive you are in the Telegram chat. I've done other mentorship containers where the chats get neglected in between calls, and it made me feel like I was out in the cold. Thank you for showing up so strongly!


Your energy healing brought in magic for healing worthiness wounds that I have struggled with for too long. I released some BIG stuff! You are amazing! I love you!

Joann L

Celebrating my win! $15K client in one day. I celebrated $17K in my business last week. Prior to working with Kyera, I didn't have any paid clients.

Stacy A.

After hiring Kyera, fucking magic has happened. My first month I made close to $10K. My second month I was close to $10K again. I have manifested dream clients that I didn’t even know existed. Working with Kyera gave me every single tool that I needed. I manifested another $26K and learned how to celebrate the shit out of those wins. She’s probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.

Isabel M.

Not only do I have my own business now MAKING MONEY!! I am connected to myself on a deeper level and I love my life, myself, and others more than I could have imagined! Every area of my life has improved!

Jamie B.

$10,000.00 USD

By submitting payment, you agree to the no refund/no chargeback policy (whether you choose to complete the program or not). * Inside MASTERY you will have access to all programs/masterclasses that Kyera releases during your 6-Month Portal. **This excludes Collaborations and Retreats. 

Add on a private 1:1 call with Kyera. *Channeled mentorship calls are now offered separately from private mentorship in extremely limited quantity!